The best tire gauge is one of the top lines of defense against El Niño effect on driving

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Recent research has found that driving conditions and behaviors change with El Niño. It’s no secret that changing weather patterns can make road conditions easier or harder to contend with but it was recently revealed in a Gauge Index survey by Hankook Tire America Corp. that people with the best tire gauge and who used it were among those best ready to contend with what El Niño would throw at them. The report looked into the various different types of American driving behaviors and the way the weather changed them.…

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Simple road safety tips can start the New Year right

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Insurance companies, law enforcement and professional drivers alike are sharing ways to stay safe while having fun. Heading out to ring in the New Year with family and friends can be a lot of fun, and with the use of a few quick and simple road safety tips, it can make sure that 2016 will start off as a celebration and not a trip to the emergency room. The safety tips that are being recommended are not difficult and won’t get in the way of celebrations. The entire point to…

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Tips for drivers to make their holiday travels safer

Data released by AAA has shown that this year, millions of Americans intend to drive to their family holiday celebrations, instead of flying. Alone, the week of Thanksgiving will place an estimated 38.2 million drivers on the roads. That represents about 90 percent of the total 42.5 million Americans who intend to travel this week. The addition of snow and ice to the driving surface can make conditions rather risky. In this light, motorists are reminded to be mindful of the dangers of winter driving, and have offered some suggestions…

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Insurance study shows red light cameras are saving lives

 The findings by the institute, which is a nonprofit group funded by the insurance industry, states that in 14 of the largest cities in America, 159 lives were saved during the time-frame of 2004 to 2008 due to red-light cameras.  The design of the camera is to capture motor vehicles that are running red lights. Researchers claim if they had been operating in all large cities in America during this time-frame, 815 lives would have been saved.  Red-light crashes or T-bone crashes as they are often referred to are some…

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