Tips for drivers to make their holiday travels safer

Auto InsuranceData released by AAA has shown that this year, millions of Americans intend to drive to their family holiday celebrations, instead of flying.

Alone, the week of Thanksgiving will place an estimated 38.2 million drivers on the roads. That represents about 90 percent of the total 42.5 million Americans who intend to travel this week. The addition of snow and ice to the driving surface can make conditions rather risky.

In this light, motorists are reminded to be mindful of the dangers of winter driving, and have offered some suggestions for drivers to ensure that they have a safe journey both to and from their holiday destinations.

According to the vice president of marketing for Fremont Insurance, Kurt Dettmer, winter driving in Michigan can present a driver with a number of different challenges, that can result in some scary scenarios that will have the most positive results with quick thinking and advance preparation.

He explained that “Slick, wet and snow-covered roads, as well as everything from downpours to hail to white outs are just a few of the things that drivers can expect to deal with.” He added that when holiday is combined with these hazardous conditions, further danger can be added, and it is important for motorists to be ready for it.

Among suggestions that have been made for drivers heading out for holiday travels are:

• Turning on headlights, even in the daytime
• Driving more slowly on snow-covered or icy roads
• Looking well ahead to increase reaction time
• Keeping distance especially from plows and maintenance vehicles
• Braking slowly and early
• Avoiding changing lanes abruptly
• Paying attention to warning signs
• Avoiding the use of overdrive or cruise control
• Not assuming that a vehicle can handle any condition just because it has a certain feature (such as four wheel drive)
• Remaining home if the conditions are too precarious

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