Avoid delays in winter travel with the right insurance

Travel InsuranceThe holiday season is upon us once more and with it comes the inevitable winter experience which brings drivers a number of delays that are not a concern throughout the rest of the year.

Travel Insurance Center has released a statement that explains that winter weather can commonly cause delays for travelers that can last from minutes to hours or days, and that since airlines do not provide reimbursements in these circumstances, it can become very expensive for travelers to have to pay for additional transportation, hotel accommodations, and meals.

The center’s director of sales and marketing, Dan Drennen, stated that travelers who make their holiday bookings frequently wonder whether or not the weather will be decent, and are worried about the potential for more snow. However, it is impossible for any traveler to be able to predict the way the weather will play out over their holiday plans.

He added that “Unfortunately, most travelers pretty much have to deal with whatever Mother Nature tosses their way and prepare themselves for any delays that might happen.”

Moreover, as Thanksgiving is the most hectic and busy holiday travel season all year long, travelers must already expect to face a number of delays, even with the best weather turnout. It is predicted that there will be 20.9 million people flying domestically over the Thanksgiving holidays from November 19 through 28.

Security will be tightened, terminals will be crowded, and flights will be overbooked, making it a highly stressful travel experience. The more prepared travelers can be, the less stress they will suffer.

By buying travel insurance through a policy that has a delay benefit, holiday travelers can be comforted in the knowledge that should anything happen to delay or cancel their flight, their additional meal, transportation, and hotel expenses will be covered.

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