Auto insurance rates could change with improved texting enforcement

Auto Insurance Texting While Driving

Federal grants are assisting authorities to crack down on illegal cell phone behaviors behind the wheel.

Drivers who have been able to get away with texting behind the wheel because it is easy to dodge the enforcement of laws against the dangerous behavior, may now be fining that this is no longer the case, and getting caught will send their auto insurance premiums skyward.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in new federal grants are helping authorities to Auto Insurance Texting While Drivingcatch texting drivers the act.

An analysis performed on quotes from the leading three auto insurance companies has determined that premiums could change as a result of a ticket for texting while driving. The result of the study showed that the same driver in New York would experience a rise in premiums by $58.50 per year at one insurer as a result of a ticket for texting. A second insurer showed an annual increase of $74 for that same driver. However, the third insurer’s quotes showed no difference between whether or not that driver did or did not have a ticket.

The impact that getting caught texting while driving will have on auto insurance premiums will vary among states.

This is because each state has different laws regarding the behavior. For example, if the state considers texting while driving to be a moving violation, then it will result in points added to the driving record. In those circumstances, auto insurance companies could raise rates. However, in other states, no points are added to a driving record as a result of this type of behavior, so insurers will not be able to change their rates for that reason.

At the moment, there are thirty nine states that have implemented laws regarding the prohibition of texting while driving. However, these laws have been very challenging to enforce, meaning that many people have been able to get away with it unless they are involved in an accident at the time.

New federal grants worth a total of $550,000 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have been issued in the hopes of assisting with the hopes of being able to improve the ability to spot drivers who are texting so that they can be issued tickets. The goal is to make the fines and increased auto insurance rates an effective deterrent.

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