Auto insurance statistics show collisions are greater in states with legalized marijuana

Medical Marijuana Auto insurance statistics

The data is in and it’s not good news for the states that have legal pot, as car crashes are more common. Recent auto insurance statistics from an industry study has linked a spike in car accident claims with the legalization of recreational pot use. The findings are the result of a Highway Loss Data Institute analysis. The insurance research group reported an average 2.7 percent increase in crashes where marijuana is legal. Washington, Colorado and Oregon have all seen a considerable increase in their auto insurance statistics regarding traffic…

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Auto insurance study identifies the worst drivers in the US

child kid auto insurance bad worst drivers

Recent research has identified Montana as being the state that has the worst drivers on its roads. As the Thanksgiving holiday weekend came to a close and the weather starts to turn slightly less friendly to drivers, an auto insurance study has determined exactly where the worst drivers in the country live, regardless of how bad or great you think your local road users might be. Montana took the unwanted top spot of having the drivers on its roads that are the most dangerous. The auto insurance research was conducted…

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Allstate Insurance survey finds drivers’ greatest fear

Allstate insurance technology

According to a survey of motorists, they are most afraid of having their car break down and having to wait for help. The roadside services program from Allstate Insurance recently conducted a survey of drivers and found that their greatest fear is to experience a breakdown that causes them to have to wait at the side of the road for help to arrive. Being stranded in an unfamiliar area causes the highest amount of anxiety among drivers. The Allstate Roadside Services research determined that among the motorists who participated in…

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Fewer people are switching auto insurance carriers

ride sharing auto insurance car traffic california

More consumers are shopping around for coverage, but not purchasing it More people are shopping around for auto insurance coverage, but fewer are actually changing their carriers, according to the latest J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study. Shopping for insurance coverage has become quite easy, with many consumers choosing to do so from their mobile devices. With shopping becoming easier, consumers are beginning to look for alternatives to their existing auto insurance policies, but they may not be buying new policies even if the policies they find are better…

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Michigan auto insurance comes with the highest premiums in the country

michigan auto insurance

According to a recent report, drivers in this state are paying far more than those in the rest of the U.S. Drivers in Michigan are not necessarily surprised at the results of an auto insurance data analysis that were recently published by which revealed that those motorists are the ones paying the highest premiums for their coverage. The state has a history of far more expensive car insurance than the average for the rest of the country. According to the statistics released by the firm, drivers in Michigan are…

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