Auto insurance company websites are a big fail, say consumers

mobile car auto insurance company

A recent J.D. Power survey showed that customers aren’t satisfied with the sites run by their insurers.

As a whole, the customer satisfaction level a customer feels from his or her auto insurance company has actually been quite strong, according to a J.D. Power survey. However, that feeling doesn’t necessarily carry over to the experience provided by the websites of those insurers.

Only slightly more than one half of all auto insurance customers have said they “definitely will” return to the site.

Considering the number of people who use websites in order to complete their daily tasks, the fact that only just over half of those who had initially sought to obtain service from their auto insurance company through the insurer’s website “definitely will” go back for that purpose is rather disappointing. The statistic was obtained through the fifth annual J.D. Power 2016 Insurance Digital Evaluation Study.

That study provides a measurement of the experiences shared by online consumers who are shopping and using digital channels for their auto insurance needs. The research looks into the functional components of a website as opposed to its appearance and style.

The participants in the auto insurance company website survey were asked to conduct a number of tasks.

mobile car auto insurance companyThese tasks were to be completed over the websites of their insurance companies before they would rate each one on a scale of 1 to 5. The ratings provided by the participants in the survey were used in order to create an overall servicing and shopping experience index based on a scale of 500 possible points.

What the survey determined was that among customers shopping on insurance company websites in order to research and purchase coverage there was a 7 index point improvement over last year, bringing the figure to 376 in 2016. That said, among customers who already have an auto insurance policy and who are seeking services on the website of their provider, there was only a 4 point satisfaction improvement over last year, bringing it to 424.

Some of the lowest scores from the auto insurance company websites were from some of the most basic service tasks, such as updating user profile, adding a driver to the policy or to a vehicle and requesting a replacement ID card

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