Auto insurance cards accepted electronically in only some states

Proof of Auto Insurance

Proof of Auto InsurancePaper proof of coverage cards are still required in the majority of states, so drivers should inform themselves.

Although electronic proof of coverage is starting to make a growing number of auto insurance news headlines, drivers are being cautioned that the majority of states still require the paper cards and will not yet accept a digital version displayed on a mobile device.

Many people are becoming confused by the advertising made by certain insurers.

Consumers are being cautioned to pay closer attention to these auto insurance commercials, as the service may be available in certain states, but it might not be in theirs. It may look convenient not to have to carry that one additional card every time a motorist heads out, but it is only a good idea when that is a legal practice.

A growing number of states are working on legalizing electronic auto insurance cards.

These allow a consumer to access the proof of his or her auto insurance coverage using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, so that it can be presented electronically at times when this proof is needed. That includes when the driver has been pulled over, when renewing a vehicle license, or in the instance of a collision, for example.

However, this convenient method can only be used in states where it is legally permitted. The rest will still need to carry auto insurance cards until changes are legally made. At the moment, there are only 11 states that have passed laws that specifically allow electronic versions to be used. At the same time, there are already a large number of states that are expected to sign this legislation in the near future.

The states that currently allow auto insurance proof to be electronically displayed are: Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota, Kentucky, California, Arizona, Wyoming, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Drivers in Colorado can use the electronic proof while they are registering their vehicles, but it is not acceptable should they be required to display it to a police officer when they have been pulled over.

Indiana and Kansas governors are likely to sign legislation soon that will allow electronic proof of auto insurance to be used in their states. There is pending legislation on this matter in Georgia, Texas, Rhode Island, Maine, Florida, South Carolina, Washington, Missouri, Michigan, Hawaii, Ohio, Utah, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Oregon.

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