Proof of auto insurance laws change in New Jersey

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The state has now legalized electronic coverage cards at the same time that license plate rules have been altered. Two new laws have now become active in New Jersey that will have an impact on drivers, the first of which involves the way that they can provide proof of their auto insurance coverage and the other has to do with their license plates, which stated that plates can no longer be obscured. The first makes it possible for drivers to provide proof of insurance in an electronic form, such as…

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Auto insurance cards accepted electronically in only some states

Proof of Auto Insurance

Paper proof of coverage cards are still required in the majority of states, so drivers should inform themselves. Although electronic proof of coverage is starting to make a growing number of auto insurance news headlines, drivers are being cautioned that the majority of states still require the paper cards and will not yet accept a digital version displayed on a mobile device. Many people are becoming confused by the advertising made by certain insurers. Consumers are being cautioned to pay closer attention to these auto insurance commercials, as the service…

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House committee in Louisiana approves electronic proof of auto insurance coverage

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Louisiana legislation approval gives the go ahead on digital proof of auto insurance coverage. The new legislation says that police must accept both the electronic and print card versions of the proof of car insurance. The House Bill 1130, which was sponsored by Rep. Greg Cromer (R-Slidell) received unanimous support from the Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works. This vote will send the bill along to the next stage of approval, which consists of a debate on the House floor. Chuck McMains, an insurance industry lobbyist, has stated that insurers are increasingly…

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