Ohio drivers can show proof of auto insurance on smartphones

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As of this week, it is possible to display the proof of coverage card in digital format within the state. Drivers throughout the state of Ohio are now legally able to use electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets to display proof of auto insurance instead of having to produce the paper form of the card. This is now a legal way of showing proof of coverage when it is requested by police officers and state agencies. The law went into effect at the beginning of this week and it…

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Mobile proof of auto insurance may soon come to Mississippi drivers

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Motorists could soon be displaying their liability coverage cards on their smartphones. Drivers in Mississippi may soon be allowed to use their smartphones and other types of electronic device to be able to show their proof of auto insurance, should a new legislative bill be passed. Motorists will be able to display the liability insurance cards on the screens of their mobile devices. If the bill should pass, it will mean that even if motorists have not brought their traditional proof of auto insurance cards with them, it will still…

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Auto insurance proof apps laws proving confusing

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Though 23 states say that proof of coverage can be shown via smartphone, they haven’t been without problems. There are now 23 states in the country that say that it is legal for drivers to use their smartphones to display proof of auto insurance if they are pulled over by a police officer, according to the data from the Property Casualty Insurance Association of America (PCI). This offers motorists a convenient way to make sure that they always have digital “card” on hand. The goal is to make it much…

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Auto insurance cards accepted electronically in only some states

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Paper proof of coverage cards are still required in the majority of states, so drivers should inform themselves. Although electronic proof of coverage is starting to make a growing number of auto insurance news headlines, drivers are being cautioned that the majority of states still require the paper cards and will not yet accept a digital version displayed on a mobile device. Many people are becoming confused by the advertising made by certain insurers. Consumers are being cautioned to pay closer attention to these auto insurance commercials, as the service…

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