Allstate insurance company offers financial health advice to consumers

Allstate Insurance company news

As 2015 gets started, the insurer has provided advice to those who resolve to improve their money situation.

A recent release was published on the Allstate Insurance company website which has been designed to offer consumers some assistance in more effectively improving their financial situation throughout 2015.

Among the most popular resolutions at the start of every year is spending less and saving more.

This, according to the insurance company, which was citing stats from Allstate has published a release to assist consumers in better living up to this third most popular resolution for 2015. The insurer is aimed at encouraging its customers to adhere to their resolutions and take the time that they need to learn what will be required to improve their overall financial situation.

There were several points that the insurance company made as recommendations for those seeking that goal.

Allstate Insurance company newsAllstate Financial senior vice president, Bill Kavanaugh, explained that “In order to spend less and save more, Americans need to evaluate their priorities, set goals and stick to them.” Kavanaugh is also a CFP® CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. He added that “Remaining diligent throughout the year, not just immediately following the New Year, may mean you should seek advice from a financial professional who can help you develop a comprehensive annual game plan.”

Kavanaugh provided five tips within the release:

• Do your research on managing personal finance and educate yourself.
• Set specific goals and a timetable for achieving those goals.
• Keep a long term perspective
• Look for areas where small savings are possible, because they do add up and they are the easiest to adhere to over time, then tuck that extra money into savings.
• Beat credit card debt, first. It typically comes with the highest interest rate.

By following the steps proposed by this insurance company, the hope is that consumers who are hoping to take better control over their financial management, this year, will be better equipped to do so. Being in better financial condition is not just a matter of having an insurance policy “just in case”. The report made it clear that there are important steps that can be taken every day to continually improve.

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