7 Reasons to Choose Cloud Based CRM for Your Small Business

cloud based CRM and what is it

Look around you and take stock of the various changes happening in the world.

While we are in 2020 and in the middle of a global pandemic, there are also many opportunities to run and grow a business online since there is now a greater emphasis on not only building a presence online, but also on selling online. The world’s marketplaces have moved online with entire businesses finding a way to appear and do business in the E Commerce space. For this, one needs many tools and technologies that can be used for growth and scalability. One of these tools includes CRM that is cloud based. 

The right CRM software can make all the difference to your overall business strategy and the way your brand looks on the outside as well. But before we go into those details, let us understand what CRM really is. CRM or customer relationship management is a tool, a process or a system that can help you capture and organize data in a relevant form that would serve your business and customers in the best possible way. This information is then matched to the right functions that would be required for seamless and smooth movement through the sales pipeline, towards a surest conversion. 

cloud based crm technology for small business owners

There are many options in the market today and the free CRM software that is cloud based would be one of the best options a small business has. Here are the 7 top reasons why you need to choose a cloud CRM software for the business:

  1. Growth: This is the first and foremost reason why businesses are conducted in the first place. It is a well known fact that we are looking at charting a growth based journey through our small businesses. For this, you would need to get as many resources as you can at an extremely affordable price. With a free CRM software that is hosted on a cloud, you get an affordable resource that is also very flexible and unlimited due to the cloud based location. The resources and tools that you can use here will quickly multiply since the Return on Investment or ROI will be a lot higher since the platform or CRM software would be free. When you enlist the help of resources like this, you are basically ensuring that you get the maximum out of your leads, information and team as well.
  1. Ease of Installation: When you are running a small business, you would need all the help you can get. Which is why all your tools and technologies should pretty much be plug and play or offer you easy installation at best. The free CRM software that is hosted on a cloud location would give you that advantage. You will find that you can easily install the CRM software from this cloud based location since it is already hosted with all the features in place for your customize as per the exact needs of your business and the customers you are looking to service. This is a huge advantage for any small business since you will not have to spend any funds to set up an entire technical team to handle the installation and integrations required for the CRM to run smoothly.
  1. Economical Option: A free CRM software that is cloud based would be one of the best and most cost effective options for you. This would require fewer integrations which would also cost less. Also, most of the cloud based CRM softwares have a pay as you go policy or payment structure. This means that you can upgrade and integrate additional features depending on your exact needs as and when you grow and you need larger teams or additional outside collaboration. This would be very helpful in keeping the costs down or even commensurate with your rate of growth. So, in reality, with this kind of CRM, you would actually pay as you grow!
  1. Constant Access: Apart from ease of installation, you also get ease of access with this kind of free CRM software that is based in a cloud location. This can be accessed from your smartphone or any other hand held device so that you can access all the information even when you are on the go. This kind of a CRM strategy will allow you to service your customers and manage your teams and tasks from anywhere and at any time. This would quickly add numbers to your overall revenue since no opportunity would go missed. 
  1. Security: You can easily ensure that your CRM software is secure when it is hosted on a cloud location since there would be many layers of encryption and authentication. Also, you would get a notification when someone logs into the core setup. Also, you can grant access on a need basis, and let people access only certain types of information rather than all the data that you have on the software.
  1. Integrations: The cloud based CRM software gives you plenty of scope to bring in integrations easily. The information can be easily accessed and streamlined with the various tools that you would integrate with the overall CRM framework. This kind of free CRM software would also help you make the most of the integrations by streamlining tasks and functions across various teams and team members for a number of different products and customer segments.
  1. Reliability: The cloud based CRM software is one that would be reliable. You can access it and secure it and you can also organize it as per your needs. Further, since it is based in a cloud location, there would be little scope for breakdowns that one usually sees with software’s. Also, the updates would happen automatically, which makes it all the more efficient for you and your teams to use. Finally, since this kind of software is known for its flexibility, you will be able to integrate tools and organize information across all tools used.

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