2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act had no problem obtaining the necessary signatures for qualification

California Auto InsuranceThe American Agents Alliance didn’t face any struggles in obtaining the over 800,000 signatures that they gathered in a period of only ten weeks for submission to counties in order to qualify their initiative called the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, which provides law abiding consumers with a new car insurance rate reduction in California.

According to the American Agents Alliance executive director, Mike D’Arelli, the effort was much simpler than they had anticipated. He explained that people know that consumers will benefit from this reduction. Moreover the majority of other states already allow this type of discount, and it “allows Californians to shop their insurance loyalty discount with other companies for the best prices, appeals to voters.”

Currently, California law will only permit insurers to provide their customers with a discount that will apply continuously to their coverage as long as they maintain their insurance protection with the same provider. The proposal put forward by the American Agents Alliance, however, will make it possible for consumers to have some control over the size of the discount available to them, so that they can bring their cost reductions with them regardless of whether they stay with the same insurance company or shop around for an insurer with a better price.

While this recent initiative is comparable to prop 17, which was involved in the 2010 election and lost by two points, it has been improved in a number of ways so that it will be inclusive and will be accessible to those who are uninsured.

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