Auto insurance industry backs California Proposition 33

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Proposition 33 could have major implications for auto insurance In California, Proposition 33 has won the support of the insurance industry. The legislative measure is designed to allow consumers that have held policies in good standing with the same auto insurance company for five years to switch companies and still receive so called “loyalty benefits.” Though Proposition 33 seems straightforward, it has created some controversy in the world of auto insurance and with some special interest groups. Nonetheless, many in the insurance industry support the measure, claiming that it will…

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2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act had no problem obtaining the necessary signatures for qualification

The American Agents Alliance didn’t face any struggles in obtaining the over 800,000 signatures that they gathered in a period of only ten weeks for submission to counties in order to qualify their initiative called the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, which provides law abiding consumers with a new car insurance rate reduction in California. According to the American Agents Alliance executive director, Mike D’Arelli, the effort was much simpler than they had anticipated. He explained that people know that consumers will benefit from this reduction. Moreover the majority of…

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California auto insurance law is being challenged by Mercury General Corp

Mercury General Corp., one of California’s largest auto insurance providers, has taken a bold new step in confronting one of California’s most controversial auto insurance laws. Proposition 103, as it is known, was first passed in 1989, much to the chagrin of many insurance companies offering automobile policies. The law brought many changes to the industry, among which were new regulations regarding rates and limiting the power of insurers to deny claims. For the past decade, Mercury General has been campaigning to change the law. As California’s Legislative session nears…

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