Auto insurance is a requirement of a new California driver’s license

california immigrant auto insurance law

Previously undocumented immigrants in the state will need to satisfy state laws to become legal motorists. A new type of driver’s license is now available in California for undocumented immigrants, but those individuals will be required to obtain auto insurance before they will be able to legally sit behind the wheel on the state’s roads. This coverage requirement already applies to other drivers in the state, but choosing a policy could be confusing. It has been predicted that this sudden surge of auto insurance customers in California could create a…

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Insurance news from California shows ruling on Obama healthcare fix

California health insurance

The president met with the state commissioner and the state has since refused the suggested patch. At the end of last week, California made insurance news by adding itself to the states that are refusing the fix recommended by President Obama that would allow Americans to be able to maintain their present health plans that have benefits that are too low to comply with the healthcare reforms. These plans would be permitted for another year, if their policyholders wish to maintain them. This insurance news from California means that two…

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Auto insurance customers with coverage gaps may face higher rates

auto Insurance bill

Battle over automobile coverage law in California rages on for two decades. The auto insurance war that regarding the laws in California are now entering their second decade between George Joseph, the billionaire Mercury General Corp. executive, and Harvey Rosenfield, the consumer advocate. The latest battle in the war will occur in November, when the two will face off over a ballot initiative. The initiative could bring the auto insurance law in California back to the way that it was before a provision was implemented in 1988. This would allow…

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California insurance Prop 33 has been rejected by judge

Newly proposed crash tax spreading throughout the U.S.

The ruling was laid down in the Sacramento Superior Court. Judge Timothy Frawley from the Sacramento Superior Court has rejected in full arguments in a California insurance industry lawsuit that was filed in support of Proposition 33, upholding the Ballot Label of the Attorney General, which states that it “changes law to allow auto insurance companies to set prices based on a driver’s history of insurance coverage.” All of the consumer advocate pamphlet statements that had been made against Prop 33 were also upheld. Among those upheld by Frawly included…

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AIG unit faces potential fines in California over management of fire claims

American International Group Inc. (AIG) subsidiary, New Hampshire Insurance Co., along with York Risk Services, its claims processing agent, are now facing citations for 125 violations connected with alleged improper handling of California wildfire related claims from 2008. According to California Department of Insurance (CDI) general counsel, Adam M. Cole, “The allegations in this case reflect a troubling lack of attention to consumer needs by New Hampshire Insurance Company.” CDI has stated that each of the various violations for which the insurer has been sited have to do with “an…

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California insurance regulators target GeoVera Insurance, imposing fines and requiring the company to make changes to underwriting

California insurance regulators have taken action against GeoVera Insurance Co., providers of residential earthquake insurance, this week. Regulators took notice of the company after having received a multitude of complaints from policyholders. According to these complaints, the insurer’s underwriting procedures are not as adequate as they are supposed to be. Regulators have investigated the matter and found that the insurer’s practices were indeed falling short of the state’s standards. GeoVera will be facing major changes as regulators look to make the company more compliant with state laws. The insurer will…

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California labor law could inadvertently target insurance agents and others

California’s new labor law may have dire implications for insurance agents in the state. The law was enacted late last year and is designed to punish employers that misclassify workers in an attempt to receive discounts on their insurance coverage. The law itself does not make specific mention to insurance agents, but the language in which the law is written is very vague. Agents could easily fall victim to the law simply by providing employers with advice regarding employee classifications. The law allows the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency…

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