Everything You Need to Know About MCS-90

The average person will probably not know what MCS-90 is, even if they already know a bit about insurance. That is because MCS-90 is a clause that only applies to individuals who are in the commercial trucking industry. The other category of person who knows what it is will probably be those who work within the commercial trucking insurance industry. MCS-90 is more critical than some people think, and it’s helpful to know about it, even if you’re not in the commercial trucking or insurance industries. That’s because if a…

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Eased truck insurance premiums enforcement gives much needed relief in pandemic

Truck insurance premiums - Trucks on road

The goods transportation industry is fighting hard to keep up with new demands in a changing landscape. The trucking industry has stepped up to meet rapidly shifting needs in an evolving arena, but new relaxed truck insurance premiums regulations is offering some relief. This transportation is critical to making sure businesses and individuals have access to essentials. That said, while many truckers are certainly keeping busy, the truck insurance premiums that have been rising over the years have placed substantial pressure on these businesses as they fight to keep up.…

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Auto insurance companies have their eye on automotive vehicle redesigns

auto insurance car future

As more cars and trucks have steel panels replaced by aluminum, this could raise claim payouts. The automotive industry has been making changes to the design of many cars and trucks, removing their steel body panels in favor of aluminum ones, which has auto insurance companies feeling a bit jittery about how claims will look in the not-too-distant future. This considerable redesign to the construction of vehicles brings uncertainty to the insurance industry. This is not the first time that an aluminum bodied vehicle has rolled its way off the…

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As commercial insurance quote comparisons rise, so does the popularity of fleet coverage

The number of consumers seeking commercial insurance quotes in the European marketplace seems to be steadily increasing, and the fleet auto insurance sector is aimed toward a worth of over €18 billion in four years. Finaccord has released the results of its research which has indicated that fleet insurance is now one of the major sectors of the European insurance market, just like property insurance. Regardless of the narrow levels of growth between the years 2007 and 2011, the data produced by the research from Finaccord has indicated that there…

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