Florida no fault car insurance repeal moves ahead in state Senate

florida no fault auto insurance

Senator Tom Lee (R-Brandon) introduced the bill in the hopes of controlling skyrocketing premiums. The no fault car insurance bill meant to repeal the current system in Florida has cleared an important Senate committee. Should it become law, it would mean that drivers will need to purchase bodily injury coverage. The primary hurdle so far has been the argument that lawsuits and premiums would rise further. Many of the objections have come directly from insurance representatives. Should the no fault car insurance be repealed, it would mean that drivers in…

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Bill Cosby turns to insurance coverage to pay the bill for defamation suits

bill cosby lawsuit insurance coverage

The costs associated with defending himself in court are piling up and a home policy will likely pay for much of it. When defending oneself in court in several sexual assault and defamation cases, the legal bill can rapidly rise and Bill Cosby is using his homeowners insurance coverage to help him to pay for these expenses. This method of footing the bill for legal fees has come to quite a surprise to many though it is not necessarily uncommon. That said, Cosby has been facing lawsuits across three states…

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Insurance fraud continues in Jamaica amid insurer fear

insurance agency overbilling fraud

A senior police has said that insurers are too afraid to provide the information required to stop the scams. The lack of cooperation from insurers is now being blamed for the inability of police to be able to crack down on the personal injury insurance fraud that has exploded in Jamaica over the last few years. The senior official said that insurers have not been giving investigators data that would be required to pursue scammers. Senior Superintendant Radcliffe Lewis, the head of the police Traffic Division, explained that insurers have…

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Do You Know What Personal Injury Insurance Covers?

Personal Injury Insurance

Personal injury insurance or personal injury protection (PIP) is an extension of the typical car insurance. It will provide coverage for treatment and medical expenses that are connected to injuries sustained during an automobile accident. Understanding what personal injury insurance covers will help you decide whether it is the right coverage for you and for your family. Basics of Personal Injury Insurance: Although most common in cases connected to automobile accidents, this type of coverage may also be provided for personal injuries and emotional distress resulting from defamation or libel.…

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Florida passes new PIP reform bill that will is expected to reduce auto insurance fraud in the state

Florida Governor Rick Scott is claiming a major victory on behalf of the state’s citizens this week. The state Senate has passed legislation that will reform the state’s troublesome personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance system. The system has been wrought with fraud for several years, becoming much worse over the past two. Legislators supporting reform claim that this fraud was causing auto insurers to raise rates on coverage at alarming speed. The new legislation seeks to remedy the problem. The legislation that was passed by the Senate is House…

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