New York health insurance exchange set to meet its goal

New York Health Insurance

Enrollments in the state are on track with where it had expected to be and what it hoped to achieve. So far, while the implementation of the most public facing element of the healthcare reforms has been rather rocky, things appear to be perfectly on track with the New York health insurance exchange, as it has seen over 100,000 people enrolling and feels that it is on track to be able to reach the goals that it has set. With only two weeks left in which residents are able to…

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Maine officials work to raise awareness of health insurance opportunities

Maine Health Insurance

Maine residents may lack access to guidance Guidance concerning health insurance has been difficult for some to attain in Maine since the launch of the state’s insurance exchange in October. Nearly a dozen of the state’s largest communities are located more than 15 miles from navigators that can provide assistance to those interested in applying for coverage through the exchange system. While many consumers can access navigators via phone, navigators themselves have proven to be quite busy and it can be somewhat difficult to get in touch with a counselor…

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Health insurance website is the focus of new federal push

health insurance agents websites

Now that the site has been redone and is working, it is the center of a new campaign. As of yesterday, the Obama administration has launched a brand new campaign to promote the use and the benefits of the health insurance website that has now been repaired after a very difficult first couple of months, and to underscore the advantages of the president’s signature healthcare reforms. The new push is aimed to put the technical problems and cancelled policies in the past. This new campaign for the federal health…

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Healthcare reform experts recommend double checking health insurance status

health care reform news

Now that is repaired, consumers who previously purchased plans are urged to verify enrollment. The White House has now declared the federal health insurance exchange to be fully up and running, but is also recommending that individuals who enrolled in this part of the healthcare reform ahead of the fixes, should check to ensure that they truly do have the coverage they believe that they purchased. Those who enrolled online through the exchange while the errors are still present may not be enrolled after all. Although the largest public…

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Colorado health insurance is very far from meeting its enrollment needs

Colorado Health Insurance

At the moment, only about 6,000 people have enrolled, but it requires over 136,000 to meet its goals. The Colorado health insurance exchange is well behind its goals for encouraging individuals throughout the state to enroll in their coverage in order to comply with the so called individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act. Far fewer consumers are purchasing the coverage that they need to comply with the healthcare reforms than expected. In fact, at the moment, the estimates of the Colorado health insurance exchange’s performance are that the enrollment…

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Healthcare reforms continue to be made as HHS delays enrollment deadline

healthcare reform deadline

Consumers who shop for their coverage using the federal exchange will now have another week. Americans who are shopping around for health insurance through the use of the federal exchange website will now be provided with an extension on the previous deadline, as new healthcare reforms have granted them until December 23 in order to sign up on the site and obtain the benefits required to comply with the individual mandate starting on January 1, 2014. This, according to an announcement recently made by the Department of Health and Human…

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Healthcare reforms are about to get a whole lot funnier

Funny or die healthcare reforms

The celebrities from the Funny or Die studios in Hollywood are helping to promote the health insurance exchanges and laws. Hollywood is now doing its part to help the country to get itself ready for the implementation of the latest pieces of the healthcare reforms, as the state health insurance exchanges get ready to go live on October 1. Mike Farah and the Funny or Die studios team are coming up with as many as 20 different projects for this purpose. In order to make sure that the healthcare reforms…

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