Pet insurance from Trupanion has now made it to Delaware

pet insurance

The most rapidly growing animal insurer has added yet another state to its list.

The second largest pet insurance company in the United States, and the fastest growing, Trupanion, has just announced that it has expanded into Delaware and that animal owners can begin purchasing policies in that state.

The policies have become available through the company’s website as well as over the phone.

Trupanion stands out from other pet insurance providers as it operates with terms that are different from other companies. For example, it has lifetime coverage available for both cats and dogs, and its reimbursement rate is 90 percent. It does not impose limits on the payouts for its claims, in a year, or over the animal’s lifetime. The policies are designed to be easy for the owners to understand, and simple and direct to insurance

The company has been rapidly growing the number of states in which it sells pet insurance.

Delaware is only the most recent among several expansions that have already been made this year. According to the Trupanion chief executive officer, Darryl Rawlings, “Many pet owners today will do anything in their power to keep their pet healthy and happy for as long as possible, and we want to support their desire to do that.”

Rawlings added that through the pet insurance that his company provides, animal owners will have access to a wider number of veterinary treatment decisions because they won’t be limited by a financial budget. Instead, they will be able to choose “the best option for their pet.”

Ever since Trupanion first expanded from Canada into the United States in 2008, it has been working to gain the approval of the Delaware Department of Insurance. Now that it is selling pet insurance in Delaware, it is officially available in 49 states as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and every Canadian province. It is the goal of the company to become available in every American state by the first half of 2013.

Beyond pet insurance, Trupanion also provides a highly informational website for animal owners, including breed-specific data and medical information, fire safety techniques, what to do about a deaf animal, and so on.

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