No end in sight for severe drought in Texas

Texas DroughtDrought continues to grip much of the Southern U.S. and there seems to be no end in sight. Texas was due for some mild relief from Tropical Storm Don as it made its way from the Gulf to bathe Southern Texas with rain. However, the storm vanished as it approached land, like an illusory oasis in the desert. What should have brought modest relief to a state that has struggled with drought since October of last year proved only to spur worry.

Concerns regarding the drought are highest among ranchers in the South who rely on water to facilitate their operations. With water supplies dwindling, many have turned to the insurance industry to mitigate any damages brought on by the drought. These damages include loss of crops, livestock and even damages from fires that thrive in the arid conditions.

Insurers have, thus far, been keen to offer protection against the environmental phenomena, even as its effects become more costly as the drought continues. While the industry’s money reserve may not be running out, the fact that the region is, indeed, running out of water is cause for concern. If the drought does not abate soon, there may be a mass exodus from the region as people will no longer have access to water.

The National Hurricane Center had originally predicted that Don would make landfall on July 29th, bringing rain. The storm did bring some precipitation, but forecasters report that rainfall was meager.

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