Crop insurance coverage spared 21,000 jobs in drought-plagued 2012

drought crop insurance coverage

A new Farm Credit Services of America reported the employment savings across four U.S. states. Farm Credit Services of America recently published a report about the difference crop insurance coverage made in the United States during 2012. That year, despite the worst droughts experienced in 2 decades, the insurance policies saved almost 21,000 jobs across four states. The 20-page report provides a breakdown offering insight regarding the crop insurance program history. The crop insurance coverage analysis dates back to the program’s beginning in the 1930s. It started with the Great…

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Crop insurance changes are already assisting farmers facing drought

Crop Insurance

Dry conditions threaten agricultural yields across the country. As farmers continue to look to the skies and await the much needed rain that never seems to come, changes to the crop insurance program will now be providing some required assistance. The U.S. Department of Agriculture will be helping farmers through this time of drought. This announcement was made by U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA). He explained that “As the drought worsens, it’s imperative that Pennsylvania farmers have every tool at their disposal to cope with the possible damage.” Senator Casey…

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Agriculture groups seek more protections against severe weather with insurance safety net

Extreme weather is presenting a unique and complicated problem to the nation’s farmers. With many decrying climate change as a scientific impossibility, famers have been left handling the issue of uncommonly severe weather without a place to put the blame. In fact, most farmers do not even mention climate change when discussing the issue, focusing their concerns more on the protection of their crops and mitigating any losses they experience. This has led to a rampant increase in demand for crop insurance throughout the nation. Crop insurance can help farmers…

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No end in sight for severe drought in Texas

Drought continues to grip much of the Southern U.S. and there seems to be no end in sight. Texas was due for some mild relief from Tropical Storm Don as it made its way from the Gulf to bathe Southern Texas with rain. However, the storm vanished as it approached land, like an illusory oasis in the desert. What should have brought modest relief to a state that has struggled with drought since October of last year proved only to spur worry. Concerns regarding the drought are highest among ranchers…

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