Environmental liability insurance market takes off as regulators crack down on pollution

Environmental liability insurance - Air Pollution - smoke

As standard property or general liability policies don’t cover enough, pollution coverage is increasingly common. Environmental liability insurance is rapidly growing in popularity as exposures have grown beyond the coverage from general liability and standard property policies. Claims relating to pollution and the environment are frequently complex as well as expensive. The complexity and cost relating to issues relating to pollution have sent underwriters to step away from risks relating to pollution. This has left a gap open for environmental liability insurance products to fill. The market in many countries…

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Environmental liability insurance system rejected in Europe

environmental liability insurance

The European insurance and reinsurance federation has decided that compulsory coverage would not be beneficial to consumers. Insurance Europe, the European federation for insurance and reinsurance coverage, customers would not be able to benefit from a compulsory form of environmental liability insurance system, and for that reason, it does not recommend the introduction of that type of program. This federation is made up of thirty four different members across Europe’s national associations. According to a statement from the federation, “An EU-wide compulsory environmental liability insurance system would not benefit customers…

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No end in sight for severe drought in Texas

Drought continues to grip much of the Southern U.S. and there seems to be no end in sight. Texas was due for some mild relief from Tropical Storm Don as it made its way from the Gulf to bathe Southern Texas with rain. However, the storm vanished as it approached land, like an illusory oasis in the desert. What should have brought modest relief to a state that has struggled with drought since October of last year proved only to spur worry. Concerns regarding the drought are highest among ranchers…

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