New York braces for another powerful storm

Hurricane Sandy Flood Insurance New York Storm

New York insurers will have to accept photo proof of storm damage

New York is still reeling from the impact of Hurricane Sandy, which plowed through the state late October. Now, New York is facing another storm front threatening to worsen the problems it is already facing. Governor Andrew Cuomo claims that the oncoming storm is “serious” and that it could deal yet another painful blow to homeowners. Because the stoHurricane Sandy Flood New York Stormrm presents a threat, the Governor has taken action and has declared that insurance companies will accept photo proof of storm damage when processing claims.

New storm elicits executive action

The storm is expected to hit the state on Wednesday this week. Governor Cuomo notes that it could cause more flooding in some parts of the state, but there is no way to tell the severity of the storm with extreme accuracy. Much of the state is littered with debris torn from homes by Hurricane Sandy. These debris could cause serious problems for homeowners and businesses if flooding becomes extreme. The Governor is keen to ensure that the storm will not cause problems with insurance coverage, however, and has taken steps to prevent some problems homeowners may face.

Insurers will accept photo evidence of damage caused by storms

The state’s insurance companies will now have to accept photographic proof of storm damage from homeowners when processing claims. The executive order establishing this regulation was instituted on Monday of this week. The order also requires local governments to begin removing as much debris as possible from their districts ahead of the storm in the hopes of mitigating the damage this debris might cause.

New York still recovering from impact of Hurricane Sandy

New York is one of the several states that has suffered a terrible blow from Hurricane Sandy. The powerful storm disrupted power throughout much of lower Manhattan, which left millions of people without electricity. Though the oncoming storm will not be as powerful as Hurricane Sandy, it is still expected to cause some problems for the state. These problems will be amplified by the fact that recovery efforts are still underway.

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