Legislation in New York secures health insurance access for pregnant women

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Governor signs bill allowing pregnant women to enroll for coverage through state’s exchange New legislation signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will ensure that pregnant women will be able to enroll in the state’s health insurance exchange whenever they please. Originally, pregnant women would have to wait for the exchange’s open enrollment period in order to find coverage. Those with qualifying life events can enroll for coverage whenever they want, but the state did not consider pregnancy to be such an event until the new legislation was signed into…

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New York health insurance exchanges has more than 2 million people enrolled

New York Health Insurance

State’s insurance exchange manages to reach a new milestone this year New York’s health insurance exchange has reached a new milestone. According to officials with the New York State of Health, which is the state’s exchange marketplace, some 2,004,827 people have enrolled for health insurance coverage. Exchange officials note that 89% of those signing up for insurance through the exchange had no previous coverage. Governor Andrew Cuomo suggests that this is a major step forward in the state’s continued efforts to make health insurance coverage more available. Many people enrolling…

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New York law helps ensure the longevity of life insurance benefits

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Governor Cuomo signs legislation focused on life insurance coverage into law A new law in New York will ensure that consumers will get to keep their life insurance policies if their issuing insurer goes out of business. The legislation was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo, who believes that the law is necessary to ensure that consumers retain the coverage that they rely on. Typically, if an insurance company goes out of business, the policies it was responsible for become void, unless they are purchased by another insurance provider.…

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Health insurance rates in New York drop by 50%

Health insurance rates

Health insurance premiums are plummeting in New York Health insurance rates are rising throughout the U.S. as insurers prepare to comply with the various regulations being introduced with the Affordable Care Act. These regulations are placing more stringent requirements on insurers, effectively raising the costs associated with administration and general business while also lowering their ability to generate profit. In New York, however, health insurance rates for individuals could plummet due to the state’s health insurance exchange program. Officials approve 17 affordable plans from insurers New York officials have approved…

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Disability insurance refunds coming to New York

Disability Insurance

New York acquires refunds for disability insurance policies New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that Zurich American, a leading insurance firm, will be providing refunds to disability insurance policyholders throughout the state. The refunds come due to Zurich running afoul of a state regulation that requires the insurer to pay no less than 60% of the premiums it collects on claims. Zurich was unable to meet this standard and will begin issuing refunds on disability insurance policies over the next month or so. Refunds signify strong regulatory action Governor…

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