Flood insurance controversy continues to brew in New York

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Attorney General launches criminal probe into potential wrongdoings by flood insurance providers The New York Attorney General’s Office has launched an official criminal probe into accusations coming from victims of Hurricane Sandy concerning how their insurance claims were handles. Many homeowners in New York that were affected by Hurricane Sandy have had their insurance claims regarding flood damage denied by their insurance providers and have suggested that these claims were denied due to falsified engineering reports. As a result of rejected homeowners insurance claims, many consumers have suffered significant financial…

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Homeowners insurance could follow the Healthcare model, says Lawsky

Benjamin Lawsky - homeowners insurance

The New York Department of Financial Services superintendent feels that it would simplify the process. According to the financial regulator in New York state, homeowners insurance needs to become more standardized because its current form is confusing customers regarding what protection they have through their policies. According to Benjamin Lawsky, very few property owners actually fully understand the coverage they have. Lawsky, the Department of Financial Services superintendent in New York, explained that by boosting uniformity, it would help consumers to be able to compare home insurance companies and products.…

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Homeowners insurance providers fleeing New York markets

New York power outage from Hurricane Sandy- Homeowners Insurance fraud Coverage

Hurricane Sandy continues to have an impact on homeowners insurance Homeowners insurance in the U.S. has been in a tumultuous state since the impact of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. More than six months after the storm struck the East Coast, the homeowners insurance sector continues to reel from the damage that had been caused by the catastrophe. In recent months, the states affected by the storm have garnered relatively little attention, but New York officials are beginning to voice their concerns regarding the recent actions of some insurance providers. New York…

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Mayor Bloomberg looks for alternative to flood insurance

Flood Insurance and reinsurance

Flood insurance may not be adequate safety net for New Yorkers New York is no stranger to hurricanes and flooding disasters, but the recent onslaught of Hurricane Sandy has sparked new action when it comes to the matter of flood insurance and protection for state residents. Hurricane Sandy dealt a terrible toll to the state, causing a significant amount of damage from strong winds and, primarily, flooding. Many homeowners throughout the state that were affected by the storm found that their properties were not protected from flood damage due to…

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Force placed insurance settlement reached between QBE and New York

Forced Placed Insurance

Regulators in the state have announced that they have come to an agreement with the insurer. State regulators from New York have announced that they have come to a settlement with QBE Insurance Group regarding the issue of forced placed insurance purchased on behalf of homeowners. As a part of the settlement, the insurer has agreed to pay a penalty of $10 million. This penalty is meant to help to make restitution to the homeowners who faced hardships as a result of the force placed insurance that was purchased on…

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