Many drivers in Colorado lack auto insurance

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Lack of insurance coverage is becoming a problem that needs attention

Auto insurance is a problem in Colorado. The number of uninsured drivers on the state’s roadways is growing every year and this is a significant issue when considering the frequency of vehicular accidents. It is likely that a single driver will be involved in as many as four accidents during their life. In most cases, auto insurance coverage will handle the issue relatively quickly. Accidents become significantly more complicated if the other party does not have insurance coverage.

One in six drivers in the state do not have the insurance coverage that they need

In Colorado, one in six drivers do not have insurance coverage. The state has the ninth highest uninsured rate among drivers in the country. One of the reasons behind this may be the high cost of auto insurance coverage. Another issue may be a person’s poor driving history. A history of accidents and poor driving habits can have a significant impact on the cost of insurance coverage. Poor drivers represent more risk, which can be a financial liability for insurance companies.

Insurance may be too expensive for some consumers to afford due to poor driving history

auto insurance The problem is not necessarily one that can be easily solved. Auto insurance is mandatory in the state and all drivers must hold a minimum level of coverage if they want to comply with the law. Despite potentially facing legal ramifications, however, some drivers are not willing to purchase insurance coverage and continue paying for this coverage for any extended period of time.

Insurance problem may not be easy to fix

A lack of insurance coverage is causing other problems for those involved in accidents. Colorado police suggest that one third of the hit-and-run incidents that they see involve uninsured drivers. Those that are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver can face a prolonged claims process that could significantly delay their recovery in the event of an incident. A lack of insurance coverage may not be something that can be fixed as long as consumers are not willing to pay for the coverage that they need.

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