Gun owners insurance policies thin out following Florida shootings

gun owners insurance

MetLife and Chubb have severed their ties with the National Rifle Association.

The Florida shootings may make it more challenging to purchase gun owners insurance. Both Metlife and Chubb have made decisions to sever their relationships with the National Rifle Association.

Chubb announced it would no longer underwrite National Rifle Association branded insurance policies.

The company stated that its gun owners insurance underwriting would cease under the NRA’s brand. That coverage is designed to assist gun owners in paying their legal costs should their firearms be used in self defense. While there is a certain amount of coverage provided through homeowners insurance, additional liability is often required for more specialized needs of gun usage.

That said, after the shootings in Florida earlier this month, it may be more difficult and more expensive for NRA members and other firearm owners to obtain that type of policy. On Friday, Chubb decided that it would no longer underwrite its NRA Carry Guard policy.

The Chubb gun owners insurance was withdrawn following outcries that labeled it “murder insurance.”

“Three months ago, Chubb provided notice of our intent to discontinue participation in the NRA Carry Guard insurance program under the terms of our contract,” said Chubb in a recently released statement.

Similarly, MetLife has announced its own effort to distance itself from the NRA amid the backlash from the school shooting in Florida. The insurance giant announced in a Tweet that it was ending its discount program for NRA members.

People with NRA memberships qualified for discounts on Metlife boat, motorcycle and RV insurance policies.

At the time this article was written, these two insurance companies join many other large businesses stepping away from the NRA, including the Bank of America, which cancelled its branded credit card, United Airlines, Delta airlines, at least six car rental companies (including Hertz, Avis, Budget and Enterprise), Symantec, First National Bank of Omaha, Best Western, and Wyndham Hotels.

The gun owners insurance represent only the latest offerings to be removed from connections with the firearm ownership and many expect more companies to join in with the boycott trend. The country and the world will be watching over coming weeks.

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