Health insurance plan coverage reaching all but 7 percent of Californians

california health insurance plan

A new nationwide study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics examined uninsured rates.

Nearly 29 million Americans across the country currently lack a health insurance plan. This is a considerable reduction in the uninsured rate. In 2010, almost 49 million Americans didn’t have health insurance coverage.

Californians are faring even better than the rest of the country in terms of their coverage rates.

That said, on the other end of the spectrum, Texans are the Americans least likely to have a health insurance plan. In that state, 20 percent of residents don’t have a health policy, said the National Center for Health Statistics study. In California, on the other hand, only 7 percent of residents lack health care coverage.

This shows that while there is a definite improvement in the overall coverage rate among Americans across the country, the situation is not the same in every state. Some are seeing considerably different rates of insurance versus the uninsured.

In California, the growth rate shows that there is promise for health insurance plan coverage across the U.S.

Covered California head in San Joaquin County, Lani Schiff-Ross. She finds the latest data very promising for the state. She interprets the difference between the record high number of health insurance enrollments in California and the lowest national numbers in Texas as a difference in acceptance. She pointed out that while California openly accepted the Affordable Care Act and the Medicaid expansion, Texas did not feel the same way.

Schiff-Ross explained that there was “more growth than we anticipated for the expanded Medi-Cal.” Furthermore, she stated that Covered California is “thrilled that people have insurance and can access health care which we think is a basic right for human beings.”

The National Center for Health Statistics research also pointed out that beyond the overall successes in California, there were more specific achievements. For example, the best health insurance plan coverage in the state was among children. Only 5 percent of Californian kids are uninsured. That said, the ethnic group still experiencing the smallest amount of coverage is among adult Hispanics. In the adult Californian Hispanic community, 27 percent remain uninsured.

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