Gun insurance requirement in the spotlight in New York

gun insuarnce shooter homeowners

Assemblyperson Felix Ortiz (D) is hoping that this liability coverage will boost accountability.

In New York state, a Democrat lawmaker from Brooklyn is now working to be able to have a law passed that would require firearm owners to purchase at least $250,000 in gun insurance.

The goal is to try to hold “reckless gun owners accountable” through the use of liability policies.

Assemblyperson Felix Ortiz believes that his gun insurance bill will make it possible to boost the prevention of the types of tragedies that have happened through mistaken inappropriate use of firearms. One example of the type of tragedy that might have been prevented includes the recent shooting that occurred in Tennessee, when an 11 year old boy shot an 8 year old. The boy gained access to the shotgun which belonged to his father and that had reportedly been left in a closet that was not locked. The boy then used the gun to shoot the girl following an argument between the children, over puppies.

Ortiz wants the gun insurance to provide children like them with an added layer of protection.

gun insuarnce shooter homeownersThe assemblyperson said that “Enough is enough.” He also asked “How can we protect our children from gun atrocities without a common-sense approach to provide victim compensation?”

That said, Ortiz is not without opposition in his bill for mandatory liability insurance for gun owners. Tom King, the president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association said that the bill that has been proposed is “ridiculous”. King argued that finding that type of insurance policy would be next to impossible.

Insurance companies don’t insure against criminal acts,” explained King, who has previously worked as an insurance broker. “These guys are talking about things they don’t know anything about.”

This is not the first time this gun insurance bill has seen the light of day. It was first introduced two years ago. However, after having stalled repeatedly in committee and never having been introduced in the Senate – which is under Republican Control – it did not make it very far. Now, Ortiz is hoping that this new introduction of the bill will gain greater successes than the last time.

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