Great American Insurance Group introduces new program for monitoring driver habits

Commercial Auto InsuranceGreat American Insurance Group has announced the release of a program designed for both non-profit and for-profit organizations, which allows them to monitor the job-related driving habits of their employees and volunteers and identify those that increase the risk of an accident.

The SafetyFirst Systems and Specialty Human Services Division at Great American have been working together to create a program that provides these companies with credible, timely data about the drivers who are taking excessive risks or driving aggressively, and those who are distracted while they drive.

It is considered to be a form of alert system that will offer companies useful information about an incident and will give managers additional materials for coaching volunteers and employees regarding appropriate procedures while driving. The program also includes a monthly training session, which includes important topics such as drowsy driving, road rage, avoiding collisions with pedestrians, and dealing with circumstances when visibility is poor.

The policyholder also benefits from a positive public image and an increase in driver awareness as a result of the coaching and feedback.

The drivers involved in the program have decals installed in their vehicles. They are uniquely numbered so that they can identify their own specific vehicle. They also feature a toll-free number that other drivers can call in order to provide reports of risk-taking behaviors to the SafetyFirst call centers, which collect this data and include it in a report to the policyholder associated with that specific decal.

The program is designed to be most helpful for automobile schedules that are larger; specifically those of 20 or more.

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