Mercury launches MercuryGo usage-based insurance app in Virginia

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The insurer says that safe drivers in the state could save as much as 40 percent off their premiums.

Mercury recently announced that it has rolled out its usage-based insurance app called MercuryGo throughout the Virginia market.

The mobile app comes with a virtual driving coach to help drivers to save even more.

The MercuryGo usage-based insurance app is available to drivers across Virginia. They can use it to learn how to improve their driving skills and how to navigate traffic safely. As they better their driving habits, it is recorded by the application so that the safe driving behaviors can earn those drivers savings off their monthly premiums.

Usage-based insurance - Savings - App

The application offers motorists real-time feedback and skill scores about their own behaviors while behind the wheel. Mercury policyholders that enroll immediately to use the app will receive a 5 percent discount just for participating. Moreover, teen drivers receive a 10 percent discount for their participation.

Participants can then receive a discount of up to 40 percent via good usage-based insurance scores.

At the time of renewal, MercuryGo users can receive a discount on their premiums as high as 40 percent off, depending on the driving score they have accumulated through the use of the program.

“Mercury Insurance wants to leverage technology to make driving safer, and we also want to reward drivers for being cautious behind the wheel,” said Mike Dawdy, Mercury Insurance Director of Product Management. “MercuryGO is an intuitive and easy-to-use app that helps you stay safe in the driver’s seat and it puts money back in your bank account.”

According to data from the Virginia Department of Transportation, 2021 saw 967 motor vehicle traffic fatalities. Moreover, there were 161 daily injuries from crashes that year. By using the app to prove they are good drivers with safe habits, motorists can enjoy discounts based on their actual low-risk behaviors behind the wheel.

The usage-based insurance app generates the driving skill score based on a number of categories associated with a risk of crashes, such as excessive speeding, distracted driving (screen interaction or motion on the phone), hard breaking and the type of road typically driven.

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