State Farm holds massive virtual career fair to fill insurance jobs

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The largest insurer in the country held the fair full of events and resources to draw applicants.

State Farm recently held an enormous virtual career fair to help people across the United States to match up with the insurance jobs currently available within the company.

The insurer is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and has thousands of positions to fill.

The insurance jobs were placed in the spotlight on July 13, when the Summer Sizzle – Career fair was held. The virtual event was meant to help people looking for a new position, career, or fresh start to discover their path within this Fortune 50 company. It wasn’t just meant to recruit new hires. Instead, it was meant to bring in new people they will be able to retain over the long term.

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The insurer went all out to help to underscore all the various benefits available through the spectrum of different positions, and the flexibility woven into them. The company was seeking people both with and without experience within the industry in order to help it keep up with historical growth. Many of the positions available featured the opportunity to work from home. The pay was listed as competitive, and they include a welcome bonus and access to tuition assistance programs.

State Farm proudly shared a long list of the advantages their insurance jobs have to offer.

The insurer was seeking people who were unilingual in English, but also employees on all levels who would be able to assist customers who speak Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Among the benefits listed associated with working for the insurer included:

  • The opportunity to help people
  • Positions located all across the country, including in hub cities such as Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; Bloomington, Illinois; and Dallas, Texas, but also in Tennessee, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other areas. Moreover, many positions include work-from-home opportunities 
  • A position with the rewarding challenge of helping people in the aftermath of disasters such as severe weather events
  • Welcome bonuses of up to $2,000. This includes a bonus after the first 30 days of employment and another after the first year of employment
  • Competitive pay
  • Tuition assistance to support your growth not only in insurance jobs but in a career with the company.

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