Top 5 office Secret Santa gift ideas under $25 any recipient will love

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers

When you’re shopping for a co-worker these presents are great choices.

Shopping for surprise gifts for your office co-workers can be a lot of fun, provided you have the right Secret Santa gift ideas up your sleeve.

The right gift ideas will give you confidence in making your purchase at a $25 spending limit.

Whether you know your co-worker exceptionally well or know very little about them, the best Secret Santa gift ideas will bring a smile to their face.  All 5 of these products can be ordered Amazon for $25 or less and one – if not several – of them is the perfect option for your co-worker.

Choose one of these Secret Santa gift ideas for co-workers, and you’re all set for the season.

  1. Mogix external power bank charger ($19.99) – This portable battery charger will charge anyone’s phone, no matter the model. Even better? It’s on sale right now.  When you shop on Amazon, just click the box to take advantage of a no-code-required 5% off coupon (discounted off the price which already has the Amazon’s Choice for best deal) and receive a free water-resistant hard shell electronics carrying case with your purchase.
  2. Hilarious Pepperoni Pizza Slice Socks ($14.99) – Have a co-worker who is always running out to grab fast food, who already wears silly socks or who just has a great sense of humor? These pepperoni pizza patterned socks are folded into the shape of a slice and are stashed in a cardboard box just like their favorite pizza place take-out boxes. You’re certain to get a huge laugh out of this one!
  3. Desktop Mini Beach Vacation ($12.99) – A gift idea for the co-worker who is always longing for that next trip to a beach resort destination, this executive mini sandbox is definitely properly themed! This goes beyond the classic tray of sand to groom. It also features a hilariously perfect beach chair, sun umbrella with stand, pail, shovel, rake and, yes, seashells.
  4. Funny Ceramic Coffee Mugs ($19.99) – When a team is close enough that they can joke about the great things as well as the less-than-fun parts of the job, this mug is a great way to share a laugh.
  5. Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workersHoliday Themed Toilet Spray ($19.97) – Every office has a co-worker who loves toilet humor. This holiday-themed set of Poo-Pourri toilet spray features two bottles of the odor disguiser. The first scent is Secret Santa (cinnamon, vanilla and citrus) and the second is Merry Spritzmas (peppermint, vanilla and citrus).

Order your choice from these $25 or less Secret Santa gift ideas for your co-worker to make sure your present arrives in time for the big exchange at the office.

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