Insurance agents love Mogix products for themselves, their staff and their clients

Black friday mogix insurance agent gift

These backup battery packs and emergency auto multi-tools are too practical not to love.

Mogix has announced a huge coupon code for its insurance agents customers to use on Black Friday (starting Today at 4:00PM (PST) and running through Monday at 11:59pm). It offers 36 percent off the brand’s top products such as its external battery chargers, its mobile accessories case and its digital tire pressure gauge and auto safety tool.

Amazon customers shopping on Black Friday weekend simply need to use coupon code MGXHODAY to save 36 percent.

Though this coupon code works for all Amazon customers, the insurance agents community has always loved Mogix products and typically take advantage of these opportunities to save big on the brand’s products. The reason is that insurance agents themselves can use the high capacity battery charger or auto survival tool, or they can make impressive gifts from them.

Whether shopping for gifts for an incredible insurance agency team or for top clients, these are products everyone can use.

For this reason, it’s not uncommon for insurance agents to return to Mogix for gift ideas every year.

Black friday mogix insurance agent giftThe Mogix high 10400mAh capacity external phone charger is surprisingly small and light and comes in white or black. This makes it easy to slip into any handbag or briefcase. That said, for an even slimmer option that will fit into a jacket pocket, the 5,000mAh portable phone charger provides fast and convenient charging for the team member on the go. Forgetting to charge a smartphone overnight doesn’t mean a disaster of a day anymore.

For team members and clients who regularly face long commutes or love their annual family road trips, the Mogix digital tire pressure gauge, tread depth gauge and auto safety tool helps car owners to maintain their vehicles. Moreover, if the worst should happen, they will also always have a flashlight, seat belt cutter and glass hammer on hand to make sure everyone stays safe no matter what.

All of those top insurance agent gift products are 36 percent off on with the MGXHODAY coupon code for Black Friday weekend savings at This savings makes it easy for insurance agents to finish all their holiday shopping in one quick and affordable purchase.

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