The risk of neglecting to purchase disability insurance

Disability InsuranceExperts are advising individuals to consider disability insurance as they regularly see people without any or without enough coverage, but who could have benefitted from it to protect their financial lives.

Though many large companies will offer short-term and long-term disability insurance, this is frequently not the case among small businesses or those who are self employed.

Agents are advising many customers to consider the type of loss they would experience should they suffer an injury or catastrophic illness occur that would make it impossible to continue earning an income. Even though there isn’t a large chance that the insurance will actually be required, the small amount that the coverage costs will be completely insignificant should its benefits ever be needed.

Though many people do already have disability insurance from Social Security, it does not provide the same degree of income replacement as a separate disability insurance policy, and its benefits are often inadequate.

Among the different kinds of disability insurance, the least expensive is the type that is available through a group. While there are some disadvantages to purchasing group insurance instead of obtaining an individual policy, it is still better to have one through a group than not at all.

The most important options to consider while you’re choosing the right disability insurance policy is the length of time the benefits last (which are usually until the age of 65 or later if that is what is wanted), and the elimination period (which refers to the length of time that passes between the disability first occurring and the receipt of the first payment).

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