PolicyGenius establishes another foothold in the insurance industry through latest round of funding

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Company has raised $15 million in funding PolicyGenius, a comparison insurance brokerage based in Brooklyn, New York, has announced that it has raised $15 million in its latest round of funding. The funding will allow the company to extend its insurance comparison insurance services, allowing it to provide consumers with better access to price comparisons and quotes. PolicyGenius specializes in life insurance, long-term disability insurance, renters insurance, and pet insurance. Companies like PolicyGenius are beginning to find more success in various markets and the overall insurance industry is beginning to…

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Disability insurance need rapidly growing in the workplace, study

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The results of recent research are underscoring the importance of employer sponsored coverage. A new study’s results were issued this week and have highlighted the importance of disability insurance that is sponsored by employers when it comes to the health and financial wellbeing of American workers. It showed that only one in three private sector employers is currently offering long term disability coverage. Despite the fact that this is the case, the Social Security Administration’s own data suggests that one in every four workers in the United States will need…

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Insurance fraud news made when two men in Spain cut off their hands to collect

Insurance Fraud cut off hand

The scammers were nearly successful except that they did the damage too neatly and cleanly. Two men in Spain who were hoping to collect up to $3.1 million in insurance fraud, cut off their own hands in order to be able to make an dismemberment claim, but were caught because their amputations were performed too well. The men acted in two completely separate and unrelated incidents but each had a similar plan. Unfortunately, this type of instance of insurance fraud is growing in the country, as Spain continues to be…

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How disability insurance can provide security to the household finances

Disability Insurance

Consumer advocates and personal finance experts are trying to educate the public about its importance. For most people, throughout their working lives, the financial security of their family is based on their current income and not an asset that has already achieved its full value, making long term disability insurance a highly valuable and yet greatly overlooked element of any personal finance strategy. One of the most devastating events to a family’s finances is a disabled earner who cannot continue to work. This is the case at any point in…

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Survey shows American workforce unprepared for new long term disability insurance benefits

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Study indicates that many full time workers have not prepared for their potential risks. Despite the fact that medical expenses are a factor that contributes to approximately 50 percent of all home foreclosures and personal bankruptcies within the United States, the majority of the country’s full time workforce has not adequately planned for the risks that are covered by long term disability insurance. This, according to a study for the Sun Life Financial Inc’s American business group. The report on the study was entitled “Will workers in America hope to…

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