Disability insurance fraud in New York City could reach $400 million

Disability Insurance Fraud

Fraudsters in the city have been found to have been scamming the system for decades. Last week, more than 100 former employees of New York City were charged with disability insurance fraud after having allegedly faked psychological issues in order to be able to collect their benefits. According to prosecutors on the case, the total that NYC has experienced in fake claims could reach $400 million. This total dates back over many years, to 1988. The prosecutors say that since that time there have been about $400 million in disability…

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Disability insurance refunds coming to New York

Disability Insurance

New York acquires refunds for disability insurance policies New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that Zurich American, a leading insurance firm, will be providing refunds to disability insurance policyholders throughout the state. The refunds come due to Zurich running afoul of a state regulation that requires the insurer to pay no less than 60% of the premiums it collects on claims. Zurich was unable to meet this standard and will begin issuing refunds on disability insurance policies over the next month or so. Refunds signify strong regulatory action Governor…

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The importance of understanding and obtaining disability insurance

Disability insurance is one of the most important decisions that you can make to help to protect your financial future and financial advisors, not just insurance agents, are recommending these products to their clients for just that reason. That said, the decision to obtain the insurance and the choice of insurer to provide it is up to you. There are many different issues to consider, from monthly premiums to the type of coverage that is provided. That said, you shouldn’t let a little bit of homework stop you from purchasing…

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The search for disability insurance

Group disability insurance is a form of protection for a group of people who are connected in some way – such as through an organization such as a trade association or employer – and covers the individuals from the losses to which they are exposed in the case of illness or an injury from an accident. Group disability insurance is typically less expensive than a policy purchased by an individual, though it should be noted that the benefits are limited to a maximum monthly income and a certain length of…

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Insurance changes to New Jersey’s disability insurance pool make coverage more affordable

New Jersey’s disability insurance fund will see some changes in the coming months, according to Governor Chris Christie. This week, the Governor announced that state employees can expect to see lower premiums for the state’s disability insurance pool. The Governor believes that state workers have been paying more than is necessary to keep the program afloat and has teamed with the commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Harold Wirths, to make changes to the state-run program. Currently, the state withholds funds from workers’ paychecks to cover the…

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