Washington insurance commissioner bans use of credit score for premiums calculation

Washington insurance - Ban on credit score

Mike Kreidler has adopted a new rule that prohibits the use of credit data, as it is discriminatory. Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has announced that he is adopting a rule that will ban insurers from using an individual’s credit score to calculate their premiums. Kreidler says that using credit scores discriminates against people of color and low-income individuals. That said, even as the Washington Insurance Commissioner seeks to keep the rule in place over the longer term, there is strong opposition in the state Legislature. The rule bans insurers…

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No more NRA branded insurance for sale in Washington state

NRA branded insurance - Man holding shotgun

Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has banned these policies and will issue fines. Washington state’s insurance commissioner, Mike Kreidler, has banned the sale of NRA branded insurance, labeling it as “illegal” in the state. Selling any insurance policies branded by the National Rifle Association is an offense for which fines can now be issued in the state. Kreidler will already be issuing fines to an insurance company for selling the branded coverage. Chubb Ltd. subsidiary Illinois Union Insurance Co has been ordered to cease the underwriting of NRA branded insurance…

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Washington health insurance rates expected to see double-digit increases

seattle washington health insurance rates industry

In fact, the going prediction is that premiums could rise by over 13 percent on average across the state. According to the state’s commissioner, Mike Kreidler, the Washington health insurance rates are slated to increase by an average of 13.5 percent and apparently this doesn’t come as a surprise to him. There have already been thirteen health insurance companies that have filed their 2017 plans. Those insurers are asking for an average 13.5 percent increase on Washington health insurance rates across a total of 154 individual plans for 2017. This…

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