No more NRA branded insurance for sale in Washington state

NRA branded insurance - Man holding shotgun

Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has banned these policies and will issue fines.

Washington state’s insurance commissioner, Mike Kreidler, has banned the sale of NRA branded insurance, labeling it as “illegal” in the state. Selling any insurance policies branded by the National Rifle Association is an offense for which fines can now be issued in the state.

Kreidler will already be issuing fines to an insurance company for selling the branded coverage.

Chubb Ltd. subsidiary Illinois Union Insurance Co has been ordered to cease the underwriting of NRA branded insurance policies. These policies are marketed as self-defense coverage and are branded by the National Rifle Association. The grounds for banning this coverage in the state is based on their nature for insuring unlawful activity, said a statement from the insurance commissioner’s office.

The policies were being sold by way of the Carry Guard program at the NRA. The coverage paid policyholders upfront money in order to pay for expenses connected with gun owners’ criminal defense. This money was paid regardless of whether or not the policyholder were to subsequently plead guilty or if he or she is found guilty of a crime, reported Business Insurance.

The NRA branded insurance violated Washington state law regarding criminal activity coverage.

“Washington state law prohibits insurance that covers criminal activity,” said the statement from the insurance commissioner’s office.

Though Illinois Union had also been selling insurance policies through the NRA’s Carry Guard program, it has already stated that it will cease the sale of the gun owner liability policies in October 2019. In fact, Illinois Union is stopping those policy sales nationwide, not just in Washington state, said the statement.

“Chubb confirms that we have received the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s proposed consent order and will stop selling policies in the state in accordance with the cease and desist order,” added Chubb in its own statement.

The insurance company added that it had already announced its intention to stop selling the NRA NRA branded insurance - Man holding shotgunbranded insurance policies back in October 2017. At that time, it stated that it was voluntarily ceasing its Carry Guard program participation. “Under the terms of our contract with Lockton, our participation ends no later than 2019,” said Chubb.

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