Pennsylvania health care to become state-run, leaving

Pennsylvania health care - Pennsylvania state seal & doctor

State officials recently shared their intention to transition away from the federal insurance exchange. State leaders recently announced that the Pennsylvania health care insurance exchange will be transitioning to a state-run marketplace. Currently, Pennsylvanians use the federal exchange at to purchase their health plans. The new Pennsylvania health care changes are meant to help state residents to save more money while improving the affordability of individual and family plans. Until now, the website has served state residents. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation earlier this week, laying the…

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Pennsylvania health insurance enrollments reach 81,000

Pennsylvania health insurance exchange

The government figures that were released this week show that there has been a sharp increase in sign ups. According to recent news data released by state officials, Pennsylvania health insurance enrollments have been climbing rapidly since the figures that were released at the end of November. At that time, the number of enrollments had been only 11,800 people within the state. This week, the government provided the latest figures, which show that more than 81,000 people have now signed up to receive Pennsylvania health insurance plans through the exchange.…

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Pennsylvania workers’ compensation insurance costs drop by an average of 5.7%

Amidst news of insurance rate hikes from throughout the country, the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance offers a change of pace. State regulators have announced the approval of a 5.7% decrease in workers’ compensation costs. The rate reduction is estimated to save the state’s employers approximately $160 million. The 5.7% decrease is a reflection of average reductions throughout the state and will not affect all consumers in Pennsylvania. Some will see higher rates while others see no changes at all, according to regulators. Insurance Commissioner Mike Consedine believes that the rate…

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Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner encourages consumers to take advantage of open enrollment season

Open enrollment season for health insurance has come to Pennsylvania and the state’s insurance regulators are urging consumers to weigh their options before making any decisions on coverage. Insurance Commissioner Mike Consedine released a statement yesterday in which he outlined the benefits of evaluating multiple insurance policies and state-run programs. Policies from other insurance companies may be more beneficial for a person’s needs than those offered by their current insurer. Keeping an eye out for such policies can net significant savings. Some employers may begin offering a wide variety of…

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A health care crisis brewing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s adultBasic health insurance program is in danger if being terminated as it faces steep shortfalls in funding. The program is one of the few entirely state-funded insurance programs that cater to low-income adults and families that do not qualify for Medicaid. Currently, 42,000 people are covered by the program, with another 500,000 on the waiting list, hoping to get coverage. If the program is terminated, they will have no insurance until the Medicaid program is expanded in 2014. AdultBasic has been facing complications since last year and the program…

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