Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner encourages consumers to take advantage of open enrollment season

Pennsylvania Health InsuranceOpen enrollment season for health insurance has come to Pennsylvania and the state’s insurance regulators are urging consumers to weigh their options before making any decisions on coverage. Insurance Commissioner Mike Consedine released a statement yesterday in which he outlined the benefits of evaluating multiple insurance policies and state-run programs. Policies from other insurance companies may be more beneficial for a person’s needs than those offered by their current insurer. Keeping an eye out for such policies can net significant savings.

Some employers may begin offering a wide variety of health plans for their employees during open enrollment season. Consedine suggests that consumers take advantage of such an opportunity to find the best health care plan for themselves and their families. Medical need should be taken into consideration when comparing plans and consumers should take worst-case scenarios into consideration as well.

Some companies are beginning to adopt wellness incentives, such as voluntary weight-loss programs and smoking cessation, as a way to save of health insurance. These savings can trickle down to employees who participate in these wellness programs, as they will reduce their risk of illness by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The scope of these programs, and the savings they may offer, various from company to company. Consedine is encouraging consumers to take advantage of open enrollment season so they can find the best insurance plans that are currently available.

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