Alabama launches work group to investigate the homeowners insurance sector

Alabama homeowners insurance

Alabama governor introduces work group that will examine the insurance market along the Gulf Coast Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has appointed a work group that is meant to study the homeowners insurance business along the Gulf Coast. In recent years, homeowners insurance premiums in the area have been rising at an astonishing rate, which is placing property owners under some financial strain. The work group will examine the market and determine what can be done to improve the insurance sector and reduce the strain on consumers along the Gulf Coast.…

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Is homeowners insurance Google’s next move, following its Nest announcement?

google nest cam homeowners insurance

The new security cameras could represent an important new step into this market for the company. There hasn’t been very much news about Nest since Google acquired in for $3.2 million back in January 2014, but now it is being seen as Google’s first step toward a larger homeowners insurance play as the smart gadgets company announces some new devices. Though the company is best known for its “learning thermostat” it is home cameras that are now being watched. Nest has now held its first press conference in order to…

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Homeowners insurance premiums expected to drop in Texas

Texas Homeowners Insurance

Legislation may help lower the insurance premiums for homeowners in coastal areas Coastal property owners in Texas may get a break in their homeowners insurance premiums. A new law that aims to reconfigure the Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency is set to go into effect. The organization provides insurance coverage for those that live in coastal areas, and offers protection from the damage caused by windstorms and similar disasters. The law is meant to decrease the homeowners insurance premiums for those receiving coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency. Texas has…

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New Jersey homeowners insurance legislation results from report outcomes

Homeowners insurance New Jersey

A lawmaker in the state has now introduced a bill to stop premiums from skyrocketing after one claim. A recent homeowners insurance study brought to light a certain issue with regards to the significant raising of premiums for New Jersey customers after they had made one claim on their policies. The report showed that this issue was present across the country, but New Jersey took this to heart. The results were reflected in an data analysis that determined that after one homeowners insurance claim had been made in 2014,…

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Ohio homeowners insurance premiums vary widely based on ZIP code

Ohio homeowners Insurance

Consumers throughout the state are paying widely different rates depending on where they live. A new calculation of the homeowners insurance rates being paid across Ohio has revealed that the prices vary quite broadly from one part of the state to the next, depending on where the consumer actually lives. Xenia was found to be the place in which residents were paying the highest home insurance premiums. Overall, Ohio is considered to be a state in which the homeowners insurance rates are considered to be quite low. The reason is…

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Homeowners insurance costs in Florida are finally leveling off

Homeowners Insurance Florida

The state is approaching the hurricane season’s statistical peak very soon and property policies remain comparatively reasonable. Next Wednesday, on September 10, the hurricane season will has reached its peak, and so far, Florida has managed to make its way through another year without being affected by any serious storms, and this good luck has had a highly positive impact on the cost of homeowners insurance in the state. This was not the case when Hurricane Andrew struck the state and left devastation behind 22 years ago. That storm altered…

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Homeowners insurance premiums headed downward

homeowners insurance

From the start of this year, it is clear that the direction rates are taking overall is downward. According to a recent rate report that has been released, homeowners insurance premiums are among the forms of coverage that are experiencing declines as of the start of 2014. This report took into account the 12-month premiums that are paid by consumers in the United States. By the close of 2013, the average annual homeowners insurance premium in the United States had fallen to $822, when compared to where it had been…

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