Health insurance rates increases of extreme levels may be premature

Health Insurance rate increases

Consumers are cautioned not to take estimates of hikes in premiums seriously, just yet. As the health insurance marketplaces are just being established and the very first estimates are starting to be released regarding the impact of these exchanges on the cost of the coverage, experts and officials are cautioning consumers not to take the numbers at face value, just yet. There are many different factors to consider, and they have not yet all been applied to the estimates. For example, in April, Maryland released the premiums that would be…

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Health insurance rates in Florida may be set by federal government

Florida health insurance

A Senate Bill would hand this responsibility over to the feds, should it pass. A Senate health committee in Florida has recommended that the state suspend the authority of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation to be able to set the health insurance rates for companies under the Affordable Care Act, in favor of giving that responsibility to the federal government. The goal is to allow those setting rates to be able to keep up with the constant updates to the regulations. Federal officials have been updating the rate setting…

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Health insurance rate proposals continue to drop in the US

health insurance rates

New report highlights the falling frequency of health insurance rate increases As U.S. insurers warn that health insurance rates will spike in 2014, the Department of Health and Human Services has released a new report that suggests that health insurance prices are actually falling, and have been doing so since 2009. The federal agency, which is responsible for the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, has been noting the concerns that consumers around the country have been expressing concerning the costs of coverage. The agency has released the new report…

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Families in Ireland may soon have trouble paying for health insurance

The insurance industry in Ireland is facing troubling times, which may translate into higher rates for consumers. The Irish Patients Association has spoken out about the coming health insurance rate increases coming from several insurance companies. The IPA claims that rates are rising so quickly that they may make it impossible for families to hold on to their policies. The consumer advocacy organization says that if the problem is not addressed legislatively, health insurance will become unaffordable within the next few years. This week, Aviva Health Insurance and VHI Healthcare…

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Insurers in Massachusetts gain approval for health insurance rate increases

Massachusetts insurance regulators have approved a number of rate increase proposals from some of the state’s largest health insurance companies. Governor Deval Patrick supports the approval, citing rising health care costs that threaten to make an already ill economy more volatile. Consumer advocacy groups have decried the rate increases, saying that they put undue financial stress on those struggling to make ends meet. Regulators, however, have only approved proposals whose increases were less than 9% in the hopes of lightening the impact of higher rates. Blue Cross Blue Shield has…

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