Understanding health insurance limitations and rules

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Health insurance continues to be a problematic and confusing issue for many people. While some may be taking steps to understand their insurance policies to the best of their capabilities, they could still be exposed to problems that are difficult to recognize. Visiting a doctor, for instance, is something that many people do not give a second thought to because they often believe that their insurance policies will cover instance of medical care. This is, however, not the case. The simple act of visiting a doctor can turn into an…

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Obama administration works to draw attention to health insurance

U.S. Health Insurance

Federal government continues to promote health insurance awareness The Affordable Care Act is inching closer to becoming fully enacted in the U.S., which has put a great deal of pressure on the federal government and its efforts to ensure that the country complies with the federal law. The Obama administration has been working to promote the potential benefits that could be seen through the law’s provisions and has attributed particular attention to health insurance exchanges that are set to begin open enrollment this year. These exchanges have been receiving a…

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Leading health care analyst to speak on reform at Indiana State University

Indiana State University will be hosting a presentation concerning health care reform this month. The subject of reform is often bogged down by controversy, much of which is bred from speculation. In an effort to help students understand more about what the reform really means, Scott Harrington, a health care systems and insurance and risk management professor from the University of Pennsylvania, will be discussing the issue at hand. To understand how the new health system will work, it is important to have knowledge regarding to insurance industry, and Harrington’s…

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Knowledge is key for legal immigrants to have access to insurance coverage

America’s health care system is quite different from that of other nations. For immigrants coming to the country, the system can be a bit daunting, especially when insurance is considered. The vast majority of immigrants arriving in the U.S. have little to no experience with insurance and have no idea where to start looking to obtain the best and most affordable coverage. This is a problem that the Cameroon American Council seeks to rectify by teaching immigrants about the importance of insurance coverage. Sylvie Bello is a Cameroonian immigrant who…

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