Obama administration works to draw attention to health insurance

U.S. Health Insurance

Federal government continues to promote health insurance awareness

The Affordable Care Act is inching closer to becoming fully enacted in the U.S., which has put a great deal of pressure on the federal government and its efforts to ensure that the country complies with the federal law. The Obama administration has been working to promote the potential benefits that could be seen through the law’s provisions and has attributed particular attention to health insurance exchanges that are set to begin open enrollment this year. These exchanges have been receiving a great deal of attention recently, but much of the country remains confused or otherwise uninformed of the other aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

Awareness may help dispel confusion among consumers

In order to address the lack of awareness among consumers concerning the federal law and the impact it will have on health insurance, the Obama administration recently launched a publicity campaign. The campaign is meant to provide consumers throughout the country with information on the Affordable Care Act and its various provisions. These provisions are expected to have a dramatic impact on the way health insurance works in the future, which could cause confusion for consumers that are not familiar with the federal law.

U.S. Health InsuranceGovernment launches revamped website

This week, the federal government launched a revamped version of the healthcare.gov website. The new site is designed to provide better insight into the Affordable Care Act and some of its provisions. The revamped website hosts a video that describes the process of purchasing coverage through health insurance exchanges. There is also a live-chat feature on the website, allowing consumers to connect with those that can provide intimate knowledge of the federal law and how it may affect them.

Federal government may need to get aggressive on  the issue of confusion

The Obama administration’s publicity campaign has been strongly supported by the Department of Health and Human Services, the agency that oversees much of the Affordable Care Act and its enactment. According to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, there has not been enough effort made in the past to inform consumers of the federal law or the changes it introduces to health insurance. Sebelius has cautioned that confusion could create significant problems for consumers in the future.

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