Leading health care analyst to speak on reform at Indiana State University

Health Care ReformIndiana State University will be hosting a presentation concerning health care reform this month. The subject of reform is often bogged down by controversy, much of which is bred from speculation. In an effort to help students understand more about what the reform really means, Scott Harrington, a health care systems and insurance and risk management professor from the University of Pennsylvania, will be discussing the issue at hand. To understand how the new health system will work, it is important to have knowledge regarding to insurance industry, and Harrington’s background provides a wealth of first-hand knowledge on the subject.

During the presentation, Harrington will discuss the effects of the federal health care reform and how it will change the health insurance industry as a whole. The presentation will focus on the myriad aspects of the law and Harrington will highlight the benefits and shortfalls of the new system. The issue of the law’s constitutionality will also be discussed, as that particular subject has become more popular recently.

The Affordable Care Act imposes new federal regulations on the health care system, which will have implications for the nation’s economy, according to Harrington. There may be a period of economic unrest as these new regulations become fully enacted in 2014, as there will need to be adjustments made to accommodate the new system.

Harrington’s presentation is open to the public and will be held at the Indiana State University on October 20th.

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