Health insurance exchange in Arkansas draws attention of 4 insurers

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Four companies have now expressed their interest in selling policies over the state’s online marketplace. The Arkansas Insurance Department has announced that there are now four health insurance companies that intend to be able to sell their policies over the state’s exchange, which is expected to serve over 500,000 residents. The department said that the insurers submitted their letters by the deadline, which was last Monday. The department explained that the health insurance companies each met the deadline in order to indicate their interest in participating in the Arkansas exchange,…

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Arkansas teams with HHS to expand private health insurance exchanges

Arkansas Health Insurance

Health insurance continues to cause controversy in the US Health care reform continues to be a controversial topic throughout the U.S. Many states have chosen to oppose the federal Affordable Care Act, despite the law being upheld by the Supreme Court in 2012. While some states oppose the law as a whole, many others oppose only specific provisions of the law, which has lead some political leaders to take innovative action on the matter in order to ensure that the law is able to provide the benefits to consumers as…

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Health exchange sees serious challenges in Arkansas for 2012

Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford, the lead insurance official in Arkansas, has said that he will “go down fighting” in support of the establishment of insurance exchanges within the state under the newly overhauled federal healthcare program. It has started to look as though great – possibly insurmountable – odds are building against Bradford, but he has insisted that he has not given up on the chance to put the exchanges into place. He also indicated that he may begin a new push in February when the new fiscal season has…

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