Delaware health insurance exchange enrollees are primarily older adults

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The problem is that the long term success of the marketplace will require healthy younger adults to sign up. According to recent information released by officials in the state, the Delaware health insurance marketplace enrollments are made up primarily of older adults who are signing up for their coverage through private insurers. These marketplaces are the center of the Affordable Care Act within each of the states. They are the most public facing element of Obama’s healthcare reforms. The Delaware health insurance exchange is the place in which individuals are…

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Health insurance exchange website transactions failed one out of ten times

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Before the repairs, even when the site was “working”, it was recording only nine tenths of enrollments Though the Obama administration must have sighed a bit of relief when the federal health insurance exchange website was repaired in time for the start of this month, it has now been revealed that the website had not been properly transmitting about 10 percent of all coverage applications. A spokesperson for the government revealed that site users were let down more than previously believed. At the end of November, the White House brought…

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Healthcare reforms will ensure rehab services of celebrity quality

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The new federal coverage laws will ensure that citizens will have the same services Cory Monteith is using. The importance of rehab services has been in the spotlight this week as Cory Monteith, of Glee fame, completed his own stint to recover from drug abuse, and at the same time, it has brought the healthcare reforms and their addiction coverage into the spotlight. The changes to the law, which will go into effect next year, will make sure these services are available to everyone. The lead actor may be an…

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Health insurance law in California includes more details

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The state has just revealed new details into its plans for implementing the federal healthcare reforms. California residents are now receiving their first look at what the health insurance changes will be in California as that state gets itself ready to implement the various required elements of the federal healthcare reforms. State officials have now laid out the various policy details that will become available to residents next year. This represents the California’s effort to comply with the federal reforms to the healthcare system, which include the individual mandate that…

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Health insurance exchange in Utah to be partnered with federal government

Health insurance Utah Senate Building

The state governor has announced that a new offer has been made to Kathleen Sebelius. Governor Gary Herbert of Utah has just announced that he has updated the offer from his state to Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, saying that half of the health care exchange will be run by the state, and the other half will be run by the federal government. For months, the federal government has been trying to get states to operate their own marketplaces. These health insurance exchanges will provide small…

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