Health insurance law in California includes more details

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California health insurance plansThe state has just revealed new details into its plans for implementing the federal healthcare reforms.

California residents are now receiving their first look at what the health insurance changes will be in California as that state gets itself ready to implement the various required elements of the federal healthcare reforms.

State officials have now laid out the various policy details that will become available to residents next year.

This represents the California’s effort to comply with the federal reforms to the healthcare system, which include the individual mandate that says that most Americans are required to have health insurance starting in 2014 or they will face a tax penalty. This federal law has create four types of coverage plans that are acceptable.

The Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze health insurance plans each have different levels of coverage.

Depending on the form that is chosen, individuals and small businesses will have to pay varying amounts of the expenses out of pocket. The color coding of the health insurance plans helps individuals and small businesses understand how much will be covered by the policy and how much they will need to pay, themselves.

For instance, the Platinum health insurance plans will be the most expensive in terms of their premiums, but will require policyholders to pay for approximately 10 percent of their medical expenses, while the rest will be covered by the plan. On the other hand, the Bronze coverage – which would have the least expensive premiums – would also require approximately 40 percent of the medical costs to be paid out of pocket.

This most recent health insurance announcement by the state has now described, for the first time, the ways in which deductibles and co-payments will exist for policyholders who need to consult a doctor, receive a test, or take a trip to the emergency room. While some services – for instance, prescription drugs and maternity care – must be covered due to the Affordable Care Act, the states are permitted to provide regulations that are equal or more strict, as they wish. California state officials feel that they have gone above and beyond to help residents to find the best coverage deal.

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