Health care reform in Michigan may not see large enrollment increases

Health Care Reform Updates

An exec in the state has suggested that she has doubts about the number of sign ups to come before March 31. In order to comply with the federal health care reform law throughout the United States, people without insurance now have only two and a half more months to enroll into the government subsidized plans in order to avoid facing a tax penalty. That said, a Michigan insurance executive has expressed doubts regarding the new enrollment that will occur. Joan Budden, the chief marketing officer of Priority Health has…

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Health care reform draw enrollees over 45 years old

Health Care Reform

Newly released records have shown that most of the signups for insurance coverage are over that age. Among all of the 2.2 million people who have purchased insurance on the federal and state exchanges as per the requirements of the health care reform during the last three months, over half are in the age group of 45 years or older. Should this health insurance enrollment trend continue, it could throw the figures off the predictions. The health care reform forecasts were based on a much larger participation from individuals in…

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New Jersey health insurance exchange makes progress despite setbacks

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New Jersey health insurance exchange moving closer to becoming a reality Hope for a New Jersey health insurance exchange remains strong as a state Senate committee approves legislation that will open up the way for an exchange to be built and run by the state. The bill is similar to one that was passed earlier in the year concerning the same issue. The Democrat-controlled Legislature is expected to ultimately pass legislations concerning the New Jersey health insurance exchange and the state’s efforts are currently on track to have the exchange…

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Recent research discovers new health care reform marketplaces will need significant coordination

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A new study has found that the success of state insurance exchanges will depend on agencies working together. As the different states throughout the country choose whether they will be creating and running their own insurance exchanges according to the changes required by the health care reform under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or whether they will have the federal government do it for them, the results of new research from the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) and Georgetown University has shown that managing and certifying the plans within…

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Georgia launches panel to investigate the virtues of a health insurance exchange

Georgia is outspoken in its opposition to the federal health care reform, as are many other Southern states. Despite the efforts of these states to have the law declared unconstitutional, the law remains in place and states are still required to establish health insurance exchange programs. Unwilling to allow the federal government to take charge of the exchange if it cannot make the 2014 deadline, Georgia has launched a new panel of insurance experts and legislators to explore how an exchange would serve the people of the state. In terms…

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