New Jersey health insurance exchange makes progress despite setbacks

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New Jersey health insurance exchange moving closer to becoming a reality

Hope for a New Jersey health insurance exchange remains strong as a state Senate committee approves legislation that will open up the way for an exchange to be built and run by the state. The bill is similar to one that was passed earlier in the year concerning the same issue. The Democrat-controlled Legislature is expected to ultimately pass legislations concerning the New Jersey health insurance exchange and the state’s efforts are currently on track to have the exchange operational by the federal deadline of January 2014.

Governor aims to take slow and steady approach to exchange efforts

Governor Chris Christie Governor Chris Christie - New Jersey Health Insurance Exchangeis somewhat cautious concerning the development of a health insurance exchange. The Governor has made no secret of his dislike for the federal health care law and the requirements its provisions have placed on states. Nonetheless, the Governor is keen to comply with federal law, though he wants to take his time in deciding how the New Jersey health insurance exchange should be built.

Details concerning governance of the exchange still uncertain

Governor Christie and other state lawmakers have been meeting to discuss the state’s options in regards to a health insurance exchange. The exchange is expected to adhere to the basic guidelines provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. That is, the New Jersey health insurance exchange is expected to provide consumers with access to affordable health insurance coverage. The other aspects of the exchange program are still up for debate, however, and lawmakers have until the end of the year to figure out how they want the system to operate.

New Jersey may be returning from the brink of federal intervention

The New Jersey health insurance exchange has endured several setbacks, often due to political turmoil. The state has confronted the possibility of not meeting the federal deadline in the past. Failing to meet the deadline would mean that the federal government would take control of the exchange efforts and run the insurance system itself. Though Governor Christie is no fan of the Affordable Care Act, he has expressed his eagerness to avoid federal intervention.

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